The Main Goals of Press Release Distribution

In order to give you more insights about press release distribution and point out the main advantages of its implementation into your marketing strategy, today we decided to single out the main goals which you can reach with the help of press release distribution.

Let's analyze these goals in detail:

Goal #1: Generate more leads Even if you don't have the direct target to sell your goods or services, but just need to express your company's opinion in public, in this case you can also achieve the perfect results. Distributing your press release on reputable online media platforms will guaranteedly increase your website traffic. And when readers click on the link to view your landing page, you can expect sales-boosting as well. But it will depend totally on you and your marketing strategy whether you can catch and attract your readers and turn them into your customers or not. Speaking about website traffic, you should pay attention on your newshook that should awake the interest of your readers (your target audience as well as journalists and bloggers).

Goal #2: Raise brand visibility While the market knows nothing about you, you will not be able to sell. That's why the first task of any company is to increase brand awareness among consumers. You need to become an expert in your area in order to make journalists interested. And when your company becomes an authoritative source of information, journalists can reffer to your published news and press releases.

Goal #3: Generate better leads Additionally, press release should motivate your readers to visit your website and find out more about your company. But you need to know that only with the help of your targeted audience you can get higher leads. Let's get down to the research: at the bar chat you can see different types of content which was publishing in different websites during 12 month:

As you can see, case studies (clients' success stories) are the most important content for each website. No doubt, each company has its own piece of useful information which can be published for its targeted audience. And you need to use it in order to reach your readers.

Goal #4: Improve site's SEO ranking Using the keywords and key phrases along with placing your website's links always work in your favor. By publishing high quality and fully optimized press releases, you can spread your information online and get more customers as well.

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