The Main Key Points of Social Media Impact on the PR Industry

Nowadays we can’t imagine our life without social media, we all use it on an everyday basis. The same thing with the business world — the professional relationships have been also transformed through the social media сhannels.

Even if you are a beginner, you understand that being involved in social media environment is your “must-have” in today’s fast pace world. And if you’re not going to invest your time, money and efforts in social media, you’re not relevant as an agency or any other business. We think that it would be useful to highlight the main key points of social media impact on public relations and mention what advantages it has in relation to the PR industry: - According to statistics, journalists said that social media websites were their main source of information. Reporters share their personal opinion more openly and act differently than in traditional media. - Social media runs on content which is a “trigger” for any audience. People are always looking for engaging, useful and entertaining information, such as posts, photos, videos, infographics, status updates, comments and so on. And, of course, they are receiving a valuable marketing content from you at the same time. - Social media brings the direct customer interaction which makes it easier for you to advertise your product or service and build professional public relations. It saves you money and helps to reach your targeted audience in a short path. - If you are going to promote your brand and increase its awareness, social media is your best booster. Through powerful social media campaign you can reach really great effect. - Social media is also the great SEO tool which can increase traffic to a website as well as generate links back to it. In this way you will get more visits, more customers and more income as a result. In this post we pointed out just several ways how social media has changed Public Relations and what results it can bring into your business. Anyway, getting into the social media game will help you to gain all benefits of online PR for your business, it’s for sure.

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Prior to buying a potential customer receives information on the product, forms his or her opinion, and makes a decision. The seller’s goal is to guide the customer through all the stages of purchase funnel and close the trade. Since the late XIX century one of the most effective advertising techniques is the AIDA model based on which an advertising campaign must attract a target audience, spark the interest in the product and hold this interest, arouse and impulse and push for the purchasing.


Successful marketing strategy isn’t based only on high ROI and conversions. Modern brands should establish emotional connection with their customers, share the brand’s inner culture with them. In this case customers may become a part of a brand’s team and stand out as brand advocates.


Building relationships with media outlets is a real art. To get free publicity, brands need to be creative and provoke the interest of journalists in their brand. Every day, top media outlets receive multiple emails with press releases from different brands. They will not be posting boring articles concerning brand sales or regarding the introduction of a new service, however. They need attention-grabbing news hooks and catchy stories.