The Most Overused Words in PR and Marketing

Dealing with press releases distribution every day, we have noticed that an excessive use of some popular marketing words while writing news releases and announcements has become one of the most tricky issues for our customers.

Of course each business field has its own jargons and slangs, but nevertheless it’s better to stick to the standard professional writing in order to publish really top-drawer and polished press releases. And it’s essential to get your readers interested and make them do the action. In other words, if you want to be a professional — write as a professional.

Speaking about overused words in PR and marketing, it’s necessary to mention that such buzzwords can destroy the whole presentation and break your press release to pieces. Or, at the very worst, it will make a journalist throw it into a recycle bin. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with such commonly used words, if they are relevant and applied in an appropriate context. But some people are using them all over the shop, especially when they know their press releases lack newsworthy information.

Based on our experience and Internet researches, we have made the list of top 20 overused words which you will definitely need to avoid in your PR and marketing activities:

  1. revolutionary
  2. best
  3. new
  4. professional
  5. advanced
  6. first
  7. commercial
  8. great
  9. exclusive
  10. innovative
  11. unique
  12. leading
  13. digital
  14. global
  15. award-winning
  16. launched
  17. passionate
  18. groundbreaking
  19. next generation
  20. robust

We always try to explain our clients that the best solution is to replace such buzzwords and overused phrases with more specific and original analogues. It’s useful to look into a dictionary once again and find a synonym. But remember, interesting and high quality content comes first.

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