The Top Casino and Gambling Books for Marketing Pros

If you want to be a pro in casino and gambling marketing you need to learn from experts. JackpotCity Casino on their blog prepared a list of books about the casino. We want to share it with our readers. Learn best practices and study the insides of this hard but profitable business.

Casino games are addictive. However, are you taking the right strategy?

When it comes to casinos, it is not just luck. You need something more — and knowing all about casino games is important.

If you want to win, you need smart and unique strategies. With these lists of books, learn new betting techniques, and the math behind games like roulette or blackjack. Know how to master the different casino games, and choose which one you want to play!

The Top Books You Want to Buy Today

Each of these books destroys the myth that gambling is all about intuition and luck with their proven strategies.

1. Scarne’s Complete Guide to Gambling by John Scarne

If you are an avid player, then you have undoubtedly heard the name of the legendary John Scarne. It is the best-selling book of this genre. Scarne reveals the secrets of many online or live casino games. This book covers all the official rules, instructions, and advice. Polish your skills with the help of the most authoritative expert on gambling.

2. Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game by Peter Svoboda

Here the name says it all behind the motive of this book. It tells you about every aspect of the gambling world. The book instructs on everything you need to do to step up your game. It is the best choice for both amateur and professional players as it covers basic rules with unique strategies. To make it look more attractive, it consists of colorful illustrations with smooth and shiny pages.

3. Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorp

Keen to master the game of 21? Then look no further. The father of card counting tells you about the infamous point system that gives you the upper hand in this game. He reveals everything in this book starting from proven winning strategies to how to spot cheating. The tricks here are easy to memorize so that you can outsmart the dealer.

4. Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games by Michael Shackleford

Wondering why the game has the name Gambling 102 instead of Gambling 101? The answer is easy. It is not like any typical gambling book. Every strategy, every trick, has mathematical analysis behind it. It reveals the right time you should raise your bet and explanations on the odds of each game.

5. Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling by David G. Schwartz

David G. Schwartz is the director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada. The book lays out the stories of the gambling world in various parts of the world, including Venice and the US. Besides the history and the origins of the casino games, it narrates the stories of big gamblers who bagged a lot of money with their tricks. France’s writer Voltaire is one of them who took 9 million francs by winning a lottery.

Which one of these books are you looking at buying first? Let us know in the comments below.

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