Blog Has Started Cooperation With Turkish News Websites On Sponsored Publications

We are happy to share great news which we brought from Istanbul — from now on our company has negotiated an agreement to place your sponsored publications on the 50 most visited news websites and portals in Turkey.

For example, the Milliyet website with its total audience of over 84 million visitors per month — will help you find partners and customers in shortest terms.

Thanks to the efforts of Burak Celep who is working in GMedya, our trip to Turkey has not only become a business trip, but also the real cultural exposure. Visiting the Topkapi palace which had been one of the main seraglio of the Turkish Empire until the middle of the XIX century, made a powerful impression on us. And the guided tours to the Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya) and ancient underground reservoir which is called Basilica Cistern were no less exciting, just like in the movie with Bond!

We hope that our European customers will appreciate the advanced options of our service on sponsored publications of PR-materials on the Turkish news websites.

And we are continuing our work in this international direction. Follow our blog with the new reports about our business trips and agreements with online media of USA, Europe, Russia and Asia.

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