Why You Need a Press Room

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PRNEWS.IO is not only a service for publishing PR content. One of the most convenient “features” of our platform is corporate press rooms, a kind of portfolio for journalists, audiences, partners, etc. You will find more info on what is a press room and how to use it for self-promotion down below.

A brief history overview

In the traditional media of the twentieth century, press rooms were places where news media employees such as journalists, editors, etc. were preparing materials for publications.

Today, this concept is used by PR specialists to indicate the source of information intended for the distribution of the company’s PR content or simple access to it.

The first press room in the common today online format appeared in 1995. It was created by the American Institute of Physics for the US National Acoustic Community. This moment can be considered as the beginning of today’s popular PR tool.

Why do you need a press room?

The press room is the representation of the company, the source of regularly updated (news and press releases, pages, and social media posts) and static (employee contacts, logos, images, etc.) information.

The press room is used by many professionals. Journalists who regularly monitor your press releases to create news, your customers and partners who are trying not to miss something important such as the product range update, a significant event, etc.

An active, lively press room is also able to maintain a company rating by highlighting social initiatives.

PRNEWS.IO customers use the platform’s possibilities to manage their press rooms. This is one more of our services. The Ukrainian clothing brand FINCH was one of the first companies that tried out and evaluated this tool.

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Alexander Serkov

Alexander Serkov is the chief editor of PRNEWS.IO, has been with the company since 2013.

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