The Mission of the PRNEWS.IO. Company Vision

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The mission of the company is a part of its sense of existence, which has no relation to money. The mission serves as the basis of the company’s values. It determines the role of the company in society. We will tell what the mission is, how to formulate it, will show the examples of popular companies, and of course, will introduce the PRNEWS.IO mission.

A little bit of theory

In addition to the sense of existence, the mission declares one more valuable idea. It determines what the company WILL NOT DO.

Also, it doesn’t tell anything about the vector of business development, plans, etc.

The mission is the basis for employees’ motivation. It says nothing about the success of the company and all the more nothing about the welfare growth of the owners or top managers. Similar phrases in the formulation of the mission don’t inspire employees for tangible results.

As an exception, such principles may be used in the missions of companies where all employees are shareholders.

The main purpose of the mission is to reveal the benefits to clients (users, customers) and society in general.

The internal formulation will help to come up with an external definition of the mission. It consists of five points:

1. What does our company do?

2. For whom we do what we do?

3. Where are we geographically located?

4. How exactly do we do this? We are talking about the uniqueness of the company and its competitive benefits.

5.What our company doesn’t do and won’t do.

The analysis of these five points will help formulate a concise and at the same time capacious definition of the mission, clear to the target audience.

The Mission of the PRNEWS.IO

Our mission is to promote content distribution. If we analyze its wording, then:

1. Our company helps to distribute content.

2. We do it for everyone who needs it.

3. We are doing this everywhere regardless of the geography.

4. We don’t care about competitors since PR is a universal occupation. The more companies will be involved in content distribution, the better.

5. Our company doesn’t and won’t impede spreading the content.

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