Media Market Trends and Tendencies for 2019

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Traditional advertising in online media continues to lose ground. Let us see what tools and solutions help media to stay afloat.

Media (and not only media) around the world use four main sources of attracting income:

● traditional advertising

● subscriptions and paid memberships

● revenue from native advertising

● voluntary contributions and donations

In the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism more than 200 editors, company executives, and top managers were surveyed to find out how, in their opinion, the sources of media revenue in 2019 will be distributed:

● 52% – paid subscriptions and memberships

● 27% – traditional advertising (ads, banners, etc.)

● 8% – revenue from native advertising

● 7% – voluntary donations

● 6% – other (related businesses, e-commerce, events).

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Alexander Serkov

Alexander Serkov is the chief editor of PRNEWS.IO, has been with the company since 2013.

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