How to Promote Your Website on Google?

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Most businesses or personal brands have their own websites out there in the world wide web. It is the best way to represent and promote yourself or your company today as there are more than 3 billion active internet users and they are available to reach. But having a website made is just the beginning of your digital journey. In order to make the most out of your web page, it must have some traffic coming into it and to achieve that you have to promote your site. One of the most efficient ways to do it is through Google. It is the most visited website on the internet which processes an overwhelming 3.5 billion searches every day.

A great thing about promoting your website on Google is that you can do it either free or by having a certain budget for it. Let’s break down both paid and freeways of promotion.


Is feeling when you search for your website and not see yourself anywhere near the top of the search familiar to you? SEO is a tool to fix this problem. It is basically a free and efficient way to make Google recognize you by keywords you are focused on your website.

You must find keywords that fit your business best and use them in your website’s title, meta tags, heading, and content that you create. Use Google Keyword Planner to find keywords that fit your brand. If the content you create and post on your website is unique and useful, combined with the right SEO strategy it will have a huge effect on your website’s traffic numbers and rank on Google search

Google AdWords

A paid way to be shown in Google search or Google-operated and partner sites. There are two ways of website promotion with AdWords, both will need you to set the desired budget that you can spend on them. One is Search network – best for reaching customers who are looking for a service at the moment of their search.

The way it works is, you set up and bid on focus keywords to get a good spot on search result pages. An example: I decided to promote my barbershop, so I bid on keywords “barbershop”, “barbers” as they might be the most searched ones from people who are looking for a barbershop. Then I Google my chosen keywords and see that my site appears above all search results.

Another way is the Display network – it is a better way to go if your goal is to increase brand awareness. Your ad banners appear in various Google-operated sites and pages with integrated AdSense. Google finds the best sites to match your advertised content and it gets seen by many people.

How to promote your website on google using PRNEWS.IO

In order to improve indexing on Google, you should make your website reputable. To do so you should get your web page linked to other sites that have a good reputation and are ranked at the top spots on Google search. Google will look at it as a recommendation from trustworthy websites and it will affect your rank.

PRNEWS.IO is an amazing tool that is made to help you get your website mentioned on huge and reputable sites. Using PRNEWS.IO you can buy anything from paid articles to interviews and press releases.

Its working principle is as easy as it gets. Let’s say you decided to write an informative article about something related to your website and you want it to appear in your local-sport-related media sites that are trusted by its readers and are well visited, let’s say at least 50000 visitors a month. All you have to do is go to PRNEWS.IO, use a filter to select your desired country, category of media you are trying to find which, choose the type of media you are willing to work with, type of publication that you are posting, and also select how many and what links will appear in the article.

After filtering the list out you can select to place them in order of CheckTrust score so that you know you are selecting the most trusted sites. Afterward, you have to add your selected media sites to your basket and proceed to pay for the service. Using PRNEWS.IO is very fast and effective because you don’t have to get spotted by any media sites that would decide to write an article about your site, you choose sites that fit your needs the most. And it is not only good for making your website more visible on Google but also you are being shown to the visitors of the media site and that is how you get high traffic from different sources.

We are going to break down a couple of many ways you can use PRNEWS.IO for your advantage. 

Promoting your website with paid news using PRNEWS.IO

One of the ways to get your website linked to other sites is by going with paid articles. PRNEWS.IO is partnering with over 10000 web sites from which you can select the ones you think your article would be the most suitable for and according to your budget.

The article that you want to post should be engaging, useful and relevant to its readers and, also it should favor your website well so that readers would actually click on the link and visit your page. By making the article useful and informative, you make Google think that your website is worth visiting and, in a result, they rank you higher than other sites on their search.

Promoting your website with interviews using PRNEWS.IO

It is pretty similar to paid news, except it is more likely to be all about you and your brand. It is like an advertorial type of an article – you can pay for an interview in which you would be answering questions about your website, highlighting the advantages of visiting it or choosing your brand. 

Website promotion is the number one way to go if you seek to reach new or existing customers nowadays as there are so many internet users that are ready to give you their attention. Search giants like Google are making it easy for you and their advertising platforms like Google AdWords can lead you to great success. To make it more efficient, combine it with PRNEWS.IO tool and you will achieve great results which will most likely turn out into revenue growth.

Step-by-step guide on how to use PRNEWS

It will take you only 6 steps to successfully use PRNEWS.IO.

  1. Register to PRNEWS.IO. Go to PRNEWS.io, click on Sign Up, and enter your details.
  2. Access the list of PRNEWS partnered sites. From the main page of PRNEWS.IO go to Marketplace. If you are an SEO professional switch to advanced mode, the button for it is on the top right corner above the list.
  3. Use the filter to find sites that suit your needs. To find what you need with ease, use the filter, which is on the left side of the page. The main thing you should consider is what Format Type article are you posting. There are 6 format types of media you can buy through PRNEWS.IO: Advertorial, Interview, Native Ads, Paid news, Press Release, and Sponsored Post. Choose the right one for you and use more filters if needed. Other types of useful filters: Country of publication, Type of media (ex. Local news, blog), Advertisement Mark, Hyperlinks Type.
  4. Find sites that fit your requirements. After you shrink the list into a reasonable number of sites using the filter, sort out them by selecting attributes that interest you. You can do it by selecting attributes above each column of the list. For example, you can choose to see the Cost, Number of links, Audience, and TrustScore of those sites to find which ones attract you the most. Other options include Social Traffic, Direct Traffic, Referral Traffic, Search Traffic, Over-spam Rate, Majestic Citation Flow, Majestic Trust Flow, Alexa Traffic Rank, Alexa Reputation Rank, MOZ Domain Authority, Text Size.
  5. Select and analyze your site. Click on the desired site and you will be able to see detailed conditions for articles that are being posted there as well as metrics like Audience Demographics, Monthly visits, Languages and so on.
  6. Pay for the post. Add your selected site to the basket and proceed with the payment. PRNEWS.IO offers a variety of payment methods, from PayPal, UnitPay, and other electronic payment methods to cashless payments and even crypto payments, like BitCoin or Ethereum.

After the payment you can upload your article for a review, the editors will have a look and then will send it out for publication.

Additional features of PRNEWS.IO

If you do not have a text ready to be published, you can order it with PRNEWS.IO and you will get it written for you. To make sure the article is unique, it is possible to order the necessary number of rewrites.

PRNEWS.IO also offers Media Planning service for people and businesses that do not have the possibility to go through all stages of preparing publications.

A tool to predict the number of reads your post is going to get – Estimator.

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