Creating content in multiple languages ​​and posting it in the media all across the world is not an easy task. Our client is a large international company. It had planned a global campaign in 22 countries. The order included writing more than 150 articles and placing them on the pages of foreign media. The main aim is to reach the top of the search in all countries among the sites of cosmetics and perfumery stores.


The client is one of the largest cosmetics and perfumery online stores in Europe with offices situated in 22 countries and the head office in the Czech Republic.

The wide geography of the company implies a whole range of activities to place advertising content: writing, SEO-optimization of press releases, news, and articles, translation and adaptation to the requirements of the media, prompt publication of the materials.

One of the main requirements to us was high-quality, unique SEO-optimized content for productive public relations and its guaranteed placement in the media. The service for the client included a search for publications on the new territory, in the countries where the company has never promoted yet. Our managers in each of the countries selected media that were optimal as for their price, audience, topics and other parameters.

One of the PR services of PRNEWS.IO is media planning. Our experts will help to prepare a media plan that is optimal in terms of budget and expected the result.

Customer Problem

The customer had to publish more than 150 unique articles, news, press releases in the media of the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, the USA, Austria, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and reach the top of the search results in these countries among the websites of online stores within the industry. The topics had to do with rebranding, seasonal products, recommendations, reviews, etc.

The main difficulty in such a large-scale PR campaign is the preparation of content and its publication. It is necessary to select a team of copywriters and translators to write each text, monitor and coordinate their work, coordinate each text with the client and publish it promptly.

But this is only a part of the problem. Even if we assume that the texts have already been written and approved, it is necessary to organize their publication and pay for that, to supervise the process of appearance of the materials in the media, their relevance.


PRNEWS.IO redeemed the client from the difficulties in connection with writing and translation of the texts. The editorial board of the platform collaborated with foreign writers and translators and, if necessary, took part of the work on themselves.

To conduct an advertising campaign during 2018, the customer paid for writing and publishing more than 150 publications: press releases, news and articles. In 2019, the cooperation of companies continues. On March 31, 2019, the number of published publications has reached 195.


The result of cooperation with PRNEWS.IO might be described as follows:

  • Content preparation: more than 150 articles, news, and press releases.
  • Contribution to their publication on the pages of media in Ukraine and abroad.

As a result of the project realization, the client’s company site has reached the top of the search results among cosmetics sites in each country.


PRNEWS.IO helps companies around the globe in publishing information about themselves on the pages of news, profile and entertainment publications. The platform brings together more than fourteen thousand media worldwide.

The main task that the site helps to solve is speed and convenience. You can manage your PR-activity using PRNEWS.IO from your personal account. If necessary, our experts will come to the rescue.