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Placing publications at not one, but at several dozens of media sites is quite a troublesome procedure. It is necessary to take into account the forms of payment, time of release, the editorial policy of media, requirements to the uniqueness, and other factors. One of our clients faced the problem of executing payments from abroad. It was necessary to pay for about 40 publications in the media of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan.


A client’s company specializes in investment immigration. It helps people to obtain citizenship, or residence permit of other states for making investments in their economies. Branches of the company function in six countries; the central office is located on the territory of the European Union. The main activities are concentrated in the Caribbean region and the European Union.

Each PR campaign of this client is a large-scale event with quite a substantive budget. Immigration for investments is usually available to wealthy people, so most of the publications are to be placed on the pages of top national online media. Some regional publications also provide information support.

One of the main requirements to us is high-quality, unique SEO optimized content for productive public relations and its guaranteed placement in the media according to the developed media plan.

Media planning is one of the services by PRNEWS.IO. Our experts will help prepare a media plan that is optimal in terms of budget and expected results.

Customer problem

The customer needed to publish about forty unique articles, news, press releases in the media of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Azerbaijan. The subject of the material was preferential conditions for obtaining citizenship in the Caribbean countries.

The main difficulty of such a large-scale PR campaign is financial logistics in international payments.

Creating such an amount of content is only part of the problem. Even if we assume that the texts have already been written, it is necessary to organize and pay for their publication, to supervise the release of materials, and their relevance.

The problem is that the client needs to pay for all the placements from abroad, and most of the media in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan do not work on foreign trade orders. The process of payment in such situations takes a lot of time and requires a lot of resources for coordination, contracting, and other routine paperwork.


PRNEWS.IO delivered the client from the difficulties with payment. In terms of cost allocation and placements, the service serves as a hub. We received the necessary sum and organized the publication of texts according to the media plan. Platform capabilities allow working with media regardless of the form of payment. The latter can be a bank transfer, payment on a bank card, any of the existing payment systems, cryptocurrency, etc.

To conduct an advertising campaign, the customer paid for writing and placing about 40 publications.

All communication with the client has been reduced to the finalization of the finished texts. We completed the work on time and provided a ready report on successful publications.


The result of cooperation with PRNEWS.IO was as follows:

  • Preparation of the SEO-optimized content: about 40 articles, news, and press releases.
  • Their publication on the pages of top media.

The campaign resulted in informing the client’s target audience about the event, namely about the preferential conditions for obtaining citizenship in the Caribbean countries.


PRNEWS.IO helps companies around the world to publish information about themselves on the pages of news, in specialized and entertainment publications. The platform brings together more than fourteen thousand media worldwide.

The main task that the site helps to solve is speed and convenience. You can manage your PR-activity using PRNEWS.IO from your personal account. If it is necessary, our experts will come to the rescue.

The range of services, in addition to placing publications in the media, also includes writing articles, news and press releases, translation, and adaptation of texts.

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