VIP Tailoring Company Utilizes PRNEWS to Restore Reputation Amid Crisis

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Unfair play of competitors, fabricated materials in the press and biased presentation of facts cause significant damage to the company’s image. Sometimes, it is difficult to recover afterward.

Anti crisis PR will help to cope with the situation. It is possible to neutralize the negative focus and restore its reputation through active interaction with the external world. Expert articles, interviews, press events, and viral campaigns in social networks will help with that.

As a result, the negative information field fills itself with the information you want to convey, and the scandal subsides.


A company, which is engaged in the individual tailoring of men’s suits and leather accessories for VIP-clients once addressed to PRNEWS.IO with the same problem.

Business reputation is what is to reach over the years, and it is easy to lose in a moment. For a company that works with the premium segment of customers, the image is important.

The company started its business in the 90s; having gained the first position of the industry and for many years has been earning its reputation, both in domestic and foreign markets. But nobody is insured against libel and incorrect facts covered by media.


Offended former employees and dissatisfied customers comprise an undervalued and dangerous group for business.

Especially it is presently, when social networks are flourishing, and everyone has become a source of information. But not everyone knows exactly how to work with information: distinguish fiction from the truth, find reliable sources and perceive the two sides objectively.

A barrage of slander and fabricated materials from the media hit the client’s business. The reputation of a successful company ended up at stake.


For the client, the priority was on the speed of text writing and reaching the maximum audience by placement on the pages of various media. Therefore, to conduct the advertising campaign, the customer paid for text writing and publishing materials over $ 20,000.

In anti-crisis PR, every day is important, so you need to act quickly. It took us five weeks to conduct the entire campaign. During the time, we have written 180 texts, news, and articles; we had agreed with the sites and published them.

The main rule of anti-crisis PR is easier to prevent than to save. To prevent this from happening in the future, we advise clients to have several response scenarios for such cases and monitor company references.

Use the SERM – the set of measures to suppress the negative.


As a result, we have blocked negative articles and news stories. Within the search results, there are pages with our publications following the official page.

The result of the anti-crisis campaign became the overlap negative inquiry in the issuance of Yandex and the formation of the tone that the client had required.


PRNEWS.IO helps companies quickly implement anti crisis PR methods.

The platform has access to more than fourteen thousand sites where you can publish the necessary material –  advertorial, interview, native ads, paid news, press release, sponsored post.

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