Blog How to Choose PR Topic. Part 2

In the first part of the article, we talked about PR techniques that help companies in their promotion. Let's continue.

From the second part of the article you will learn how analyzing the problems of your potential clients helps to find excellent topics for public relations. We told how to use the opinion of professionals in the promotion, how it affects the formation of the company's image.

We found out which techniques help in promoting the best. One of them is the organization of mass events, sponsorship at conferences, seminars, etc. This is a kind of “heavy artillery” in PR.

In the article we touched also non-standard topics. One of them is small museums that help companies to increase their popularity, the other - unexpected brand products that are not related to the main activity of the company.

Read more in the Russian version of the article.



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Natalya Mignenko, a PR specialist, claims the sales department and cold calls are an atavism. It is more useful to deliver information about the product to potential customers through comprehensive, capacious and expert materials in the media. Natalia shares her experience on how to promote a company in the popular press and which tools to use for that.