How to tell about your product to a customer without a sales team and cold calls

Natalya Mignenko, a PR specialist, claims the sales department and cold calls are an atavism. It is more useful to deliver information about the product to potential customers through comprehensive, capacious and expert materials in the media. Natalia shares her experience on how to promote a company in the popular press and which tools to use for that.

The International Academy of Lie Research (IARL) and the International Center for Lie Detection and Profiling (ICDS) are the companies of a rare and extremely interesting specialization. The latter is training the specialists from various professional areas in skills of social psychology, profiling, and non-instrumental lie detection.

The primary audience comprises of thinking, active people from 25 to 55 years old. IARL and ICDS are of equal interest for employees of personnel services and security services, entrepreneurs and managers, psychologists and lawyers, as well as anyone who wants to learn to “see people through”.

Why do companies need PR

As a result of a competent campaign to promote the company, potential customers should easily answer the following questions:

• Why should people trust you?

• Who are you?

• What is your expert status?

• What is unique about you?

The specialty of IARL and ICDS is unusual, challenging, but useful for those who regularly work with people. It is necessary to raise recognition among the target audience, to talk about services, be catchy and popularize their system to convince potential customers about the value of profiling and lie verification techniques, to prove that their specialists are real experts.  

The policy of the Company is promotion via publications in the media, articles on the site, free webinars, videos on YouTube, live broadcasts in social networks, and publishing the relevant literature. IARL and ICDS have never used the standard approach to sales - the customers come themselves, and managers receive the incoming calls only.

If you follow this approach, then not the expert/manufacturer chase the client, but the person himself shows a sincere interest to the company, its product or services.

When you have learned how to convey product information to a large number of potential buyers through good and understandable materials, the issue of attracting customers disappear.  The sales department and the cold calls are an atavism. However, it is important to remember that this works under the condition that the proposed product is unconventional and unique.

There are three tasks for the publications in the media:

• to introduce people to an expert or experts (image formation) and the scope of one’s / their activities;

• to bring about interest in the company's services;

• to mention the company name (work on brand recognition).

These actions influence sales directly.

How to communicate with the media, get the contacts of journalists and seek the regularity of publications

Establishing connections with journalists is a long and difficult job. It is impossible to form a functioning media base in a week, or even in a month because the contacts usually have been accumulating over the years. However, you can accelerate the process by some special services. I have been using the Pressfeed journalist request service since its very start, that is, from the beginning of 2015.

The most significant advantage here is that the expert does not offer, does not impose his “competent point of view,” but responds to the request of the journalist. Moreover, this helps the editorial staff to prepare the material and declares oneself as a specialist who has something to share with readers, viewers or listeners.

As for the subject of the IARL and the ICDS, these are the topics relating to any case the theory of profiling might be applicable. It has to with psychology and relationships between people, the atmosphere inside the team, employment, information security, personal security, etc. The most convenient way is to search for suitable requires by keywords and check the newsletter from the service.

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Guest post was prepared by Roman Onishchuk, head of product and marketing strategy at Proofy. Proofy is the largest bulk email verification service in the USA. The company gets an award #4 Product of the day on Product hunt platform and also was distinguished with Premium Usability and Rising Star awards from FinancesOnline.