How PRNEWS.IO Helped MasterBundles with the Website Upgrade and Promotion

Wanna see how PRNEWS.IO works with real clients? Time for a real success story of MasterBundles and its rebranding with a help of our PR services.

Why PR Services Are So Important

No secret, cooperation with the media and the publication of the PR content is one of the most important components for the service or product promo. For an average website, however, contacting all resources is a difficult task. That’s why there exist services to facilitate this procedure and turn it into a more pleasant activity.

MasterBundles ended up choosing PRNEWS.IO as one of the most highly-ranked services responsible for publishing PR materials on worldwide news websites. Not for vain, our platform offers a range of cool perks compared to their competitors:

  • Control the PR content distribution at the right time;
  • Convenient interface allowing you to create, publish, and distribute your materials;
  • Convenient press center, easily customized according to one’s brand;
  • Constant online chat support from the moment of creating a press release to one’s publication.

Working with PRNEWS.IO is super easy. It requires 5 simple steps: 1) creating an account; 2) setting your “press center”; 3) adding a press release; 4) creating a contacts list and 5) sending your press release to various sources.

MasterBundles Story of Rebranding

MasterBundles is a digital marketplace and ultimately the best place to buy and sell web design deals and bundles. It offers plenty of products, from WordPress themes, HTML templates, Joomla themes, vector icons to illustrations, photoshop elements and design goodies available for a tiny price.

Lately, the marketplace has lived through a substantial rebranding in order to improve the website’s look and ultimately make one a better place for vendors.

This is how MasterBundles looked before:

And that’s what it looks like after the PRNEWS.IO upgrade:

 As it always happens, the MasterBundles team exceeded the initial budget for the new project and had to tighten its belt for the final stage of their rebranding procedure - promo.

The good news for MasterBundles was that PRNEWS.IO guarantees a good result whether it’s a large budget or a minimal one. It’s hard to believe but the MB project managers ended up spending only 100 bucks on their promo. But the secret for growing the attendance schedule with minimal investment was simple. By posting 10 well-written press-releases on the platforms of the relevant topic, we managed to attract thousands of potential buyers and vendors.

More About PRNEWS.IO

Before turning into the international team of website promoters, our team was focused on content distribution for Russian-speaking countries on platform. Several years ago, we understood that the old concept of online distribution is rather outmoded. People were not willing to pay for service without knowing where exactly their texts would be seen and how effectively this placement is. That’s how we got more into sponsored content and started to gather information regarding the price for one post on various media outlets.

Now, PRNEWS.IO is rather a marketplace for PR specialists, internet marketers, and advertisers with a very convenient interface. Users can choose publishers based on various characteristics (audience, geo, demography, SEO), pay the given price and monitor the users’ traffic. Meanwhile, our team publishes articles on the chosen resource.

Other available services on PRNEWS.IO are 1) copywriting; 2) translation and 3) help with choosing the most suitable publications for customer’s campaign.

Thank you MasterBundles for your trust!


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