Quiz marketing: how to help your business make more money

Native advertising is not only articles and long reads, sometimes it's also a game. One of the entertainment formats is quizzes. Passing exciting tests involves users in the sales process without calling for a purchase order. The founder of Envybox company Alexey Molchanov has pointed to this effective marketing tool.

Who doesn't like to pass the tests? It is always interesting to know what kind of a movie or a book hero you look like. Where you will be in a decade, how compatible with the partner and what hairstyle suits you the most, etc.

Many people don’t pay too much attention to such tests and look at them as entertainment, nothing more and nothing less. However, few people know that tests are one of the most effective tools in modern marketing. The article will tell you what kind of quiz it is, and how it functions.

Read the Russian version of the article in the Russian PRNEWS.IO blog interface.

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