The First Blogpost — The Most Important One

Getting ahead of myself, I’d like to say that writing my first blogpost turned out to be a way more complicated task than I thought it would be. I’ve just realized I’ll have no second chance for a welcome post in the future. Not with this blog. In other words, sometime in the future I’ll definitely write my most spicey blogpost, but it’ll follow my welcome message.

Even if the number of successful posts will push this one way down into the archive, my welcome post will still be the cover of this blog.

My name is Alexander Storozhuk. Despite of 10 year experience of running my own business, my team and I have started the project from scratch, as a startup. Over the years we have gathered an incredible experience in PR and marketing so we have lots of practical tips to share with our audience to organize their businesses better.

In this blog we’ll try to discuss not only our customers’ cases but also to reveal our project’s backstage — the issues we face and the solutions we discover.

Sign up for our blog RSS-feed to be aware of all of the updates. Share your thoughts with us and we’ll do our best to communicate effectively on all of the comments.

We’ll do our best to focus on the newsworthy and challenging stories and not to overload readers attention with unimportant details.

Welcome aboard! :)

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Today, no commercial company or public organization can be successful without a network presence. To promote websites, blogs, webcards and other Internet platforms, huge financial and time resources are spent. Most of this painstaking work is done by SEO specialists.

Company news

The mission of the company is a part of its sense of existence, which has no relation to money. The mission serves as the basis of the company's values. It determines the role of the company in society. We will tell what the mission is, how to formulate it, will show the examples of popular companies, and of course, will introduce the PRNEWS.IO mission.