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Crai Nou

Crai Nou is an independent printed newspaper launched in December 1989.

The printed version of the newspaper has coverage at the Suceava level, a county situated in the north-eastern side of Romania, at the border with Ukraine. Suceava comprises mainly the historical Moldavian region of southern Bukovina and several villages in Transylvania. Suceava county has a population of 630.000, thus being the 8th county from Romania, by population.

The newspaper is printed in 5.500 copies of 16 pages each, 6 days per week, excluding Sundays, and it is delivered to all localities in Suceava county. The newspaper is 85% delivered based on subscriptions.

The online portal has the following sections:

The portal also has several sections such as society, culture celebrities, and section designated to the ones that aim to share their opinion.

Crai Nou is written exclusively in Romanian language. Therefore, if you have something to share to the north side of Romania, this platform is the proper tool for you!

Article will be published in the most appropriate section аt discretion of the editor.

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Crai Nou is an independent printed newspaper launched in December 1989.

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