By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Hide is the online portal for the community print newspaper the Waterloo Region Record.

The paper is proud of its eclectic history that goes back to 1878. Through numerous ownership and name changes, the paper has stood the test of time and today is an informative community publication.

As well as a quality focus on local news, The Record also features world news. This is not only breaking headlines, but also articles of general interest e.g. technological advances, weird and wonderful, human interest. They also published an extra edition after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

The paper also has a subscriber only e-edition. This payable service provides a reader with the print content to their computer on a daily basis, just like having a newspaper delivered to the door in the morning.

The Waterloo Region Record is part of the highly successful Metroland Media group. Their business reach is predominantly centred around the Toronto and Greater Toronto area, and they have established an unrivalled reputation for producing quality local output both through print newspapers and their online presence. They are also involved with distributing and printing flyers, directories, print, magazines and more, currently owning 6 print plants. With a dedication to improving and growing year upon year, they are a company with a firm future focus of profitability combined with customer satisfaction.

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