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The Northumberland News provides high quality content to a readership based in Cobourg, Port Hope, Alnwick/Haldimand Township, the Township of Cramahe and Hamilton Township. It is published weekly on a Thursday with a print totalling 22,800.

Both the website and its print version have a predominantly community basis to content with writing mainly focussed on local news, classifieds and human interest. With such a wide variety of articles covering many areas, there is a lot for authors and journalists to structure quality content around as well a dedicated readership to target regards marketing opportunities.

The and The Northumberland News belong to the highly successful Metroland Media group who control the majority of publications in the Toronto and Greater Toronto area. Apart from online and print newspaper interests, they have also successfully diversified into the areas of flyer distribution, directories, print, magazines and more. With a firm focus on growing the business and its interest’s year upon year, they have a reputation for providing high quality local content that readers rely on for local news and information.

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