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The Guelph Mercury Tribune is a combination of two newspapers. The Guelph Mercury originated in 1867 and was published on a daily basis until January 2016. The Guelph Tribune is a bi-weekly paper that started in 1986. The Mercury’s name has been morphed into the Tribune in order to keep its heritage alive.

There is a lot of local pride in the paper’s history which saw editors and publishers as important and respected people in the local community. The current version remains dedicated to being an important part of the local community and a publication with a reputation for trusted content.

The online portal is full of interesting and relevant information, news and classifieds that is updated regularly. Everything the community needs is there, from news, to what’s on, to TV listings, to local school information, to classified, to autos to jobs to real estate. is owned by the award winning Metroland Media. They have diversified into flyer distribution, commercial printing, lettershop services, database management, Autocatch, specialty products, design and website display.

Articles submitted are more likely to be successful if there is a local bias, whether through news or lifestyle content.

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