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The Caledon Enterprise is a local community newspaper with a long history of quality output. Established in 1886, it is a weekly publication with an outreach of approximately 19,507. They have 3411 followers on Twitter.

Caledon is a mix of rural and urban properties and has been twice voted the safest place to live in Canada (Maclean’s magazine data). Residents earn well above the national average.

The Caledon Enterprise is one of Metroland Media’s more recent acquisitions. Metroland Media are mainly based in the Toronto and Greater Toronto area and have a reputation for high quality local community content that has a warm and friendly appeal. Writing is clear, relevant and gives the reader confidence that it is correct. They are a forward thinking company who were the first newspaper group in the area to use 100% recycled paper in an effort to help the environment.

Articles submitted to the Caledon Enterprise command the same price as for Metroland Media’s other community publications. Quality writing which has relevance to the local area and resident’s interests would suit the paper’s lively feel.

Article will be published in the In Your Neighbourhood section. 3.3 4 $476.00 In stock! from $476.00 to $476

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