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South Stormont News is a web portal with a large feel of localised community.

The local area is predominantly agricultural and the site has sections dedicated to ‘Farm News’ and ‘Government’, as well as classified sections such as ‘Garage Sales’. News is sub divided into the communities of Ingleside, Long Sault and South Stormont.

Content is fairly localised but the paper states that is keen for their readers to interact. This can be done by registering but any comments made must adhere to their strict policy. Real names have to be used as opposed to pseudonyms and the paper reserve the right to withdraw and comments that lack respectful content.

As well as local news, there are also more generalised sections on weather, arts and culture, sports, money, what’s going on and tourism.

Any writer wanting to submit an article for publication should look to write about subjects that are highly relevant to the local area, with farming being a key factor of interest.

Article will be published in the most appropriate section аt discretion of the editor.

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South Stormont News sponsored post is a web portal with a large feel of localised community.

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