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Le Canadian is the online portal for the print newspaper The Canadian.

The Canadian is a paper with an intellectual ethos of educating and informing. As well as readership in Canada, the numbers are evenly split between Israel and Ireland with lower figures for the Ukraine.

Article sections come under Business, Entertainment, Fashion, Foodie, Headline News, Health, Letters, Editorials, Lifestyle, Politics and UFO Exopolitics. Articles are detailed and written for an audience who are keen to understand and learn more. Scientific basis, facts and statistics and data add to the quality of articles contained in the online area.

As well as content on, the website links in to other Agora Publishing sites such as Elections Canada Magazine, The Rebellife Magazine,,, and

As well as the high-brow content, there are also advertising opportunities and the publishing group encourage interaction from its readership.

For the writer, the wider publishing group along with offer multiple topics to target content on, as well as being receptive to new and lively content with an intellectual angle.

Article will be published in the most appropriate section аt discretion of the editor.

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Le Canadian sponsored post is the online portal for the print newspaper The Canadian.

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