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Latest News from Companies, page 3

Zemzem Shop Announces Waterproof Bags to Help Protect Expensive

14 March, 2017 — They supply waterproof protective covers for phones, such as tui chong nuoc dien thoai, tui dung dien thoai chong nuoc that can keep the phone safe.

Ywan Pin Precision Enterprise announces to supply Teeth Nuts Products

14 March, 2017 — With their excellent quality and perfect services, Ywan Pin Precision Enterprise Co.,Ltd can supply a wide range of Teeth Nuts at affordable prices.

Biztech Launches Mobile App for Magento 2 Admin Management

Biztech Store, 14 March, 2017 — MageMob Admin lets the store admin access and controls the backend of the store directly from their mobile, tablet or smartwatch.

India’s First Crowd Sourced News Platform for Social Issues Launches on International Women’s Day

14 March, 2017 — is the first crowd sourced news platform in India for sharing, discussing and highlighting socially relevant issues.

FoodMaster&PrivateLabel–2017 представит лучшие бизнес-идеи года для развития сотрудничества ритейлера и поставщика

14 March, 2017 — 20 апреля 2017 года в Киеве состоится 8-я ежегодная международная бизнес-встреча «FoodMaster&PrivateLabel–2017: лучшие бизнес-идеи года для развития сотрудничества ритейлера и поставщика».

Категорийный менеджмент — эффективный инструмент сотрудничества розничной сети и поставщика

10 March, 2017 — В современной торговле все более важная роль отводится категорийному менеджменту — управлению торговым ассортиментом при помощи разделения его на группы товаров (товарные категории). Такой вывод можно сделать по итогам первой конференции «CatManMaster-2017: стратегия и практика внедрения категорийного менеджмента», которая успешно прошла 3 марта 2017 года в Киеве.

Maf opens Mall of Egypt in Cairo, complete with indoor ski slope

Mall of the Emirates, 7 March, 2017 — Majid Al Futtaim (Maf), the conglomerate behind Mall of the Emirates, has opened its Dh2.6 billion Mall of Egypt in Cairo featuring Africa’s first indoor ski slope.

Hourpayltd Helps to Select the Right Investment Plans To Earn Profits

7 March, 2017 — HourPayLtd assists people to make money in the cryptocurrency business. It constantly attracts new investors to participate in the global exchange .

New Book Title American Antifa Explores Anti-Fascist Movement

7 March, 2017 — Mikazuki Publishing House announced the release of its newest book title "American Antifa" (ISBN-13: 978-1942825135) by Author Kambiz Mostofizadeh.

Omega Zodiac Game Released For Players to Enjoy Playing Omega Zodiac

7 March, 2017 — People who want to Play Omega Zodiac can now learn the basic gaming operation offered by the gaming website.