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Company news

PRNews help users with their PR issues all these recent years. We created a platform that allows posting news in the company’s press room for free. Business owners can also use for distributing press releases and finding platforms for publishing native advertising and sponsored content.

Debates over whether “To press release or not to press release” are still commonplace around the Internet. The team has tried to study the present-day benefit of press releases; what structure they have currently; and what you should do to get your press release published in 2016.

At the end of 2015 an online-store of medical equipment MedShop24 issued one press release. By cooperation with the company reached out to 1,500 audience, attracted 110 visitors to website and made two sales.

We all know that websites need traffic, but not everyone knows why they need it. The objective of getting traffic to a website can be made significantly easier with the existence of a tangible and particular purpose or goal. Customers from the e-commerce segment are able to calculate each attracted customer in kilograms of efficient ROI. This illustrative case is about ShopScanner.

Recently this successful project has turned 2 years old, and there are still only two people working on it. The story of Katerina Byakova and Maxim Golub is about how unfulfilled ambitions, enthusiasm and creative ideas helped manifest the wildest dreams.